Training notebook

Adoptez votre coach pour 6 mois. Une combinaison d'outils pour vous organiser, vous motiver, progresser et réussir !
Adopt your trainer for 6 months. A combination of tools for help you to organise your trainings, you motivate, to improve and to succeed !


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For who ? Why ?

It's not easy to follow, to organise and prepare your training without support. Increase your performances with method and a better training plan.

Dog Training Journal is like a planner and a coach. You fix your goals month by month, you lay down challenges for you, you note your observations after training/competition like a real debriefing.

Dog Training Journal is a really usefull support for the coach, the instructor. He will can guide his student each week for a better training and a good progression of the team.

Dog Training Journal is :

  • 120 pages
  • Made in France in a eco-friendly printing compagny
  • You can customize your notebook with your color and your stroke of a pen
  • Created by an instructor and competitor in many dog sports
  • For all dog handlers

Why a paper support ?

  • Because you can take your notebook eveywhere you go. It's easy ! Even if you haven't web connexion.
  • Because the paper support is the most efficient tool
  • Because you will can read each year your little book of this period with your dog.

How ?

For 6 months

Begin the notebook noting all your goals...

By month

Give you one or more goals and fix you a little challenge each day.
Check each day of the month, your capacity to follow some tasks

By week

Note what you have to do each day (rest, training, competition,...) and do a debrief of your trainings and competitions